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Getting Deep With Travis Rice

Here’s an introduction to Travis Rice: _________________.

That’s it. He doesn’t need one. He’s one of the greatest to ever set foot on a snowboard, and the man behind some of the best films in the history of the sport. The word legend doesn’t even do him justice.

But this interview by our friends at Transworld Snowboarding does.

They go deep with Travis. Find time to read it. But for now, here’s a taste. And a reminder: we are giving away a free trip to go riding with Travis at Jackson Hole. Seriously. You, yes you, can win. Enter here.

I’m the same person, but I have changed completely. In my early 20s, I was still a positive and compassionate human being, but I was also a fucking rock and roll, party, snowboard animal, living life at volume 11.

We get to decide how we perceive any situation. We are so quick to put something in the bucket of good or bad, but it’s our choosing what a bad thing is. It’s the idea that you actually do have complete control to translate and define any situation in life. Over the years, I have really begun to love the failures. All of the times when shit doesn’t go well, it’s an opportunity to try to apply this grandiose idea.

Over the years I have been trying to acquire more discipline. Part of my lack of discipline is the fact that I need to isolate myself to get to the place I’m trying to go. Hats off to people that are able to find the discipline in their life to meditate, to take an hour in the morning and not stimulate themselves, to check in with reality.

Life is really fucking fun. I’m blessed. It has been an amazing ride and I look forward for what’s to come, but there came a point when the biggest questions in life were not being answered. I realized that I was using snowboarding as an escape, and not just a conscious celebration of what it is

If you take the word “adventure,” it’s this external seeking; it’s always going someplace outside of yourself. I had a paradigm shift where I realized that adventure is not an accurate word. So I made up the word “inventure.” The more I thought about it, “inventure” is actually a much more accurate description of what adventure really is. It’s the exploration of putting one’s self into situations where you don’t really know how you’re going to react.

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