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Jesse Adam gets barrelled in Indo

Dog Stole My Campur from Jesse Adam on Vimeo.

Newcastles Jesse Adam just got barreled in Indo- we'll let him do the talking

"Zac and I had a small window to go just about anywhere in Indonesia," says Jesse. "We were sitting in a little joint in Bali trying to map out where to go. We narrowed it down to two options: Nias or Sumbawa. Although Sumbawa looked a little on the big side, we chose that option simply for wave variety and booked the tickets. Two out of the six days, the waves were waaaay to big and totally washed the place out, most guys bailed and went elsewhere. We stayed and scored three days of fun waves. During the trip I copped my board in the balls and almost drowned because of it. Later I got pinned on my back and the impact left a decent sized lump in my lower back. I didn't surf for a day, and struggled the last day. I didn't sleep on my back for two weeks. It later turned out to be a Hematoma (phew). The day we returned from Indo to Australia we arrived smack in the middle of the swell of the century in Newcastle. We didn't even unpack our bags, we just got out there. Two waves in I tore the ATFL in my ankle, badly. Dog Stole My Campur is the last time I surfed properly, titled because a Bali dog actually stole Zac Heath's Nasi Campur lunch. All in all, we got two days of fun waves."

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