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Skeleton Bay Is Legendary


Picture this:

It’s before dawn in Africa. You’re driving a 4x4 through some sand dunes in the desert and, just as the day beings to pop, you pull up to a desolate point break. Thought the hazy glow of the sun, you can see the waves just well enough to realize that they are utterly perfect. You…

A) Prepare your equipment and stretch.

B) Do a warmup workout on the beach.

C) Scream uncontrollably then get into the water as soon as humanly possible.

D) I don’t know. Maybe go back to sleep.

Once you make it 20 seconds into the film below, you’ll know exactly which option Natxo Gonzalez rolled with. But, don’t worry, he stops screaming eventually. And when he does, you’ll understand exactly where all that yelling came from to begin with.

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