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Aussie Season wrap-up with Timmy Laidlaw

The Australian snow season is winding up and it's been a good one. We caught up with Timmy Laidlaw as he catches the last of the Aussie season before heading north.

We chatted to you back at the beginning of the season and you were pretty amped. How’s it been for you so far? Having a good season?

The season has been pretty epic. I have just been riding the parks around Australia all season, shredding with everyone and the occasional competitions. Couldn’t have asked for a better Oz season.

Photo: Andrew Fawcett

Where have you been riding?

The majority of my season has been up in Perisher; it’s definitely worth the 8-hour drive for me. They have world-class terrain parks up that way and to go with it some amazing vibes on and off the hill.

Any new tricks in the bag?

Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure to claim any new tricks. However, I have been working on some other tricks that I have been able to lock away and had time to get different variations of them, this includes my Back and Cab 1260s.

Photo: Andrew Fawcett

How was The Mile High and Stylewars? Both Perisher and Falls slope style courses both looked amazing this year.

Yeah, the Australian Slopestyle Tour was awesome this year, we were able to ride some world-class courses and get to experience some pretty amazing talent. The jumps were so on point at both mountains, we were all so fortunate to throw down on them.

You must be pretty stoked to have competed against the world's best? Nervous or excited?

I’ve been on the World Cup circuit for the best two years and have been lucky enough to witness the world's best for a while now. No matter how many times I see them ride I still get so excited. It makes me so much hungrier to get to where they are riding now and pushes my riding to a whole other level just seeing their greatness get thrown down on our home soil.

Any standout riders this year?

The new generation of Aussie riders definitely are not far behind. This season I had the pleasure of working with the future of Australian riding at a development camp in Perisher. One guy that caught my eye was 14-year-old Josh Vagne; he already has such a mature style and has the bag of tricks to go with it.

What’s next? Where are you heading for the North Hemi season?

There’s some more spring riding that I’m going to take advantage of up in NSW. Then when snow starts to fall overseas I will be heading over to the US to shred again. I will be based in Breckenridge and Mammoth but will definitely be travelling around to find some epic snow and good times.

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Front 3 indy on the bottom jump at Stylewars, Falls Creek . Photo by Alex Roberts whilst hovering above in the heli.

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