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Bryan Fox: Pathology

Pathology from Cowabunga on Vimeo.

Bryan Fox premiered Pathology a couple of months ago with a few hundred of his closest friends – who also enjoyed the free booze and baked goods. We caught up with him to find out a bit more about the making of the film and what's up next. Check out the trailer now and don’t miss the online premiere on on November 19.

What inspired the half-doco / half-action format?

I think the overall goal of any snowboard, surf, or skate flick is to get someone excited to go do that activity – basically to inspire participation. And with the overall consumer maturing, I feel like there needs to be a little bit more substance and insight to inspire those same people who might have been children of the video star age. We tried to keep the talking stuff to a minimum, more just showcasing some emotion and community feeling to the whole thing. I also feel like the structure of really just promoting a certain guy to be some sort of hero is kind of lame. The best thing about these cultures is the group effect, it's not a team, it's just whoever you chose to spend your free time with, snowboarding or surfing, it’s that idea that doing shit you enjoy with people you like is a valuable part of living.

Why did you start your own production company?

I’m a bit of a control freak. It's easier to control shit when you and your friends are steering the ship.

At the premiere, how did people react?

People seemed genuinely excited to get out into the mountains so i feel like we succeeded. It was a good party, free booze, free homemade baked goods, a photo show and an auction for our bud who just got diagnosed with cancer. Around 450 people showed up.

What bits were talked about afterwards?

Mostly crashing. People love crashing, there is a good amount of it. I always felt like it was cool to show people trying stuff and fucking up, unmade tricks are just as cool as made ones.

What’s your next project?

I have been talking with Quiksilver about some specific projects that sound like they could be a riot. I'll most likely be working on a project with Snowboarder mag as well, maybe some other little one off videos and zines as well. Mostly about this time in the Fall my brain goes wild with random ideas, some of which will never come to fruition.

Photos by: Mark Welsh

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