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Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson might just be the most watchable surfer in the world. Ando is a guy who oozes style, a guy who makes every turn look syrupy and effortless, the kind of guy who looks good just standing still on a wave. He’ll surf across a wave with cat-like nonchalance, drawing the coolest and most casual lines, only to launch and land an obscene air to close it out. Craig first joined the Quiksilver team as a grommet back home in South Africa, before moving to Merewether, Australia with his family as a 15-year-old. In the years since, his fusion of progressive aerial surfing and classic, silky lines has seen him gain a global cult following. Anderson was announced as the 2010 Breakthrough Performer of the Year at the prestigious Surfer Poll Awards, and his surfing has been lauded in feature films Moments, Modern Collective, Castles in the Sky and Innersection. He has surfed in ASP World Tour events and featured on the covers of magazines across the world from Australia to the USA, Japan and Europe. The Godfather of Merewether, the great Mark Richards, describes Ando’s surfing as, “someone in tune with the moment.” Ando describes it this way: “I do my own thing. Whatever makes me feel happy when I kick out on a wave.”

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