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The Dos And Don’ts Of The North Shore

Freddy P. knows Hawaii. He was born here. Raised here. He rips here and he rules here. And most importantly, he knows how to have fun here. You couldn’t pick a better guy to help you navigate surfing’s sacred seven miles. So, without further ado, here’s Freddy P’s definitive list of North Shore dos and don’ts.

Do: Check out all the famous spots. Waves like Pipeline, Sunset and Waimea Bay are truly special places. If you’re a surfer, you have to go and see them at least once in your life.

Don’t: Feel like you have to surf all those spots. Those wave aren’t for everybody and you could have a lot more fun if you look around for something less crowded and intense. Plenty of awesome options nearby.

Do: Make friends. And once you meet someone, make sure to say hello to them every time you see them. Respect is big here.

Don’t: Feed the tourists. Seriously, don’t. They bite.

Do: Rent a house. Or find some friends to stay with. The best way to experience this place is through a local connection.

Don’t: Keep your shoes on in someone’s house. Never. Ever.

Do: Bring something to the barbecue. It’s a good move to contribute something. Heineken never fails.

Don’t: Turn down food. If somebody offers you something to eat, take them up on it. Trust me, you’re gonna end up eating well.

Do: Eat at Lei Lei’s. You kind of have to.

Don’t: Do it every night. Unless you want to go broke.

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