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Kepa Acero: It’s Not Only About Waves

A surfboard drive to Africa and a fascinating human experience in the heart of Africa, directed by Kepa Acero.

It’s true.

Surfing isn’t only about waves. It’s about connecting with nature. It’s about the sensation of gliding through space and time on a fun little piece of foam. It’s about experiencing new cultures. It’s about expanding your horizons in life. It’s about being part of a community.

And, sometimes, it’s about giving back to that community.

Kepa Acero recently went on a surf trip to Africa with one simple intention: To give more than he takes. He knew how much joy he’d get out of surfing good waves, so he wanted to match that with something greater. His way of doing so? Hit play, find out and feel a little bit brighter for the rest of your day.