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And your 10 King of the Groms finalists are...

After 1016 entries and 50,000 votes, we have our #kingofthegrom Final 10.



Congratulations to the groms voted through by the public, here's a recap of their Round 2 entries:


Here's my video entry (Combo) into the @quiksilver #KingOfTheGroms for the #KingOfTheCombo

A video posted by Kyuss King (@kyussking) on

Stoked to get this one on film! @quiksilver @craig__anderson #kingoftheair #Kingofthegroms

Une vidéo publiée par Malakai (@mpsmalakai_deez) le30 Mai 2015 à 10h14 PDT


#KingOfTheGroms @quiksilver #KingOfTheAir @craig__anderson

A video posted by Samuel Pupo (@samuel_pupo) on

@quiksilver #kingofthegroms #kingoftherail

A video posted by Tane Bowden (@tanebowden) on