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Leo Fioravanti- In Bloom



By now, you should know a little more about Leo Fioravanti. If not, then get acquainted with the 2016 SURFING Peer Poll winner by buying the latest SURFING, Magazine.

But if you’ve been following, you know that the Italian born, globally-raised regular foot has had himself an undeniably electric year. QS success, top-notch freesurf clips, and an all around zest to his step are what we’re referring to and if you don’t believe us then have a look at the little number above.

Madness is his method and his riding can only be described as insane. If you need proof, just tap into this new series from our friends at GoPro. It invites you to join Travis behind the scenes of some of the finer moments from The Fourth Phase. You’ll go to Alaska first, then Wyoming and finally Japan. Press play and go. And, please, mind the edge.

Courtesy of Surfing Magazine

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