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Ry Craike Bio

Name: ry craike
D.O.B: 14/03/85
Discipline: keeping the girth in check ha ha
Hobbies: anything to do with the outdoors!!!!!
Favorite Trophy: im a freesurfer man!!!
What you ride: normal shortboard is  6"0 x 18 3/8 x 2 3/16 by super. ive also been running a bunch of little fishes to.
What you drive: 4 x 4 toyota prado
Personal Website:, check it out!!

A day of desert lefts, a dinner of barbecued crays and a night sleeping under a blanket of stars makes Ry Craike a happy boy. Craikey is a guy who knows the simplest pleasures in life are always it’s finest. Growing up on the isolated and featureless edge of the Western Australian desert, with a red horizon to the east and a blue horizon to the west, Craikey defines down to earth, a guy as likeable as the day is long. The closest wave to Ry’s Kalbarri home features a heaving outside barrel followed by a skate park inside section, so while he learned to tuberide like a man possessed, he also developed an explosive forehand finner that became his trademark, a turn Kelly Slater called the best forehand turn in the world, and a turn that’d take him far beyond the red dirt world he grew up in. Craikey never fancied surfing heats, instead traveling the world chasing the best waves he can find and burning it all on film. His movie creds include Campaign 2, Stranger Than Fiction, There’s No I In Go Ry and Quiksilver’s Young Gun series. Ry’s chase for perfect surf however, inevitably leads him home. “There’s nowhere on Earth I’d rather be when it’s like this the waves are all-time.”

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