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Kehu Butler Wins Subway Pro Junior Trigg Beach

Last week, Kehu Butler was on the Gold Coast with the rest of the Quiksilver team.

He was a familiar face in the waters around Coolangatta. Punting airs at D-bah. Man-hacking his way down the point at Snapper. Linking combos upon combos everywhere. But then, one day, he went missing.

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'Stingy' - Stan Norman

We know exactly what you think you’re getting when you click into an edit of a modern 13-year-old surfer: a redundancy of airs, airs, airs and airs.

Well, Stanley Norman has quite the surprise for you.

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One island. Two teenagers. Too many waves. Simple as the formula may be, it still equates to a grand result. Our boys Len's Arancibia and Rio Waida recently teamed up and rampaged around Bali. Need proof? See below. And take it as a reminder to start planning your next surf trip.

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The Ultimate Young Gun  Travel Essentials

Life ain’t too bad for a Young Gun. You surf pretty much all day long. And if you’re not surfing, you’re probably eating. And if you’re not eating, you’re probably mucking around and if you’re not mucking around, you’re probably sleeping so that you can wake up and do all of those three things over again the next day.

A simple life, for sure. But still, it requires a few essentials to run smoothly.

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Jackson Butler Cuts His Teeth At Pipeline…Literally

Pipeline ain’t a playground. It’s a proving ground. A pivotal place where you can show your peers that you’re not afraid of an 8-foot swell meeting a sharp chunk of reef and exploding into one of the heaviest barrels known to man (and woman). It’s where reputations are born. It’s where the next generation goes to cut their teeth in heavy waves.

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Groms: Watching and Learning at the Quik Pro

When you’re a grommet and you find out you’re going to be sponsored, it’s pretty much a dream come true. When you’re a sponsored grommet and you’re flown to the Quik Pro for two weeks to sit in the Snapper lineup and be sprayed in the face by world champions, be given tips on what it’s like being a pro surfer by Jeremy Flores and Freddy P and have a professional photographer teach you how to get the sickest shot, that’s just next level. Kehu Butler from New Zealand, Lennox Shell from Avoca, Rio Waida from Indonesia, Kael Walsh from Western Australia and Marco Mignot from France have been living the dream and now they've got the taste of life on tour, there's no turning back.

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