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Takes One to Know One: Leo Fioravanti and Kanoa Igarashi Part Two

Leo Fioravanti is from Rome, Italy and Kanoa Igarashi's family is from Tokyo, Japan. These best friends both hail from international cities known for their food and culture – but they also have another thing in common – they’re both pro surfers who spend most of the year traveling to the best waves in the world.

On a recent surf trip to Japan, Kanoa was stoked to play tour guide for Leo. They cruised to Kanoa’s favorite karaoke bars, restaurants, shops, temples and surf spots. Leo can’t wait to return the favor and take Kanoa on a trip to Rome some day soon. Check out the Japan trip here.

Even at age 16, Kanoa is a seasoned traveler, so we asked him about his travel essentials to make packing for your next surf trip that much easier.

1. Surfboard: Bradley Macabi (5'10" x 18 3/16" x 2/6")
2. Pasta Rigatoni Barilla - Mom is with me now so she can cook me pasta!
3. Homework notebook: I keep on studying while traveling
4. Fins: FCS 2 Carver M
5. GoPro Hero3+ Black
6. Gucci wallet from my mum
7. PRI Travel Stick
8. Quiksilver Brigg Scallop 18” boardshort
9. Apple laptop + Quiksilver travel case
10. Quiksilver sunglasses

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