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The Mels: the family that shreds together, stays together

There are some rad surfing families out there, the Rothmans, the Hobgoods, the Wrights, the Fletchers, the Lopezs, the Hos … and the Mels.

John, Peter and John Mel have saltwater running through their bloodline. John opened Freeline Surf Shop in Santa Cruz in 1969, the year Peter was born. Is there a more surefire way to know you'll be surfing every chance you can get? It also helps that John shaped Peter's boards back in the day too. Over the years Peter took his passion for surfing to the next level. We all know him as a hellman not shy of taking on a 40 foot wave. His son, John, froths as any grommet should. Who wouldn’t living the dream travelling with his Dad on the ASP tour and surfing the best waves in the world together in between heats?

John has all the makings of a surf star, and Papa Pete's experience gives him an edge over his NSSA counterparts. The technique, determination and flair are there so it's only matter of time. Rest assured you'll see a Mel father/son post-heat interview real soon.

All in a day's surf for Peter Mel. Cortes Bank, 2013. Photo: Glaser

Mel surf check

Rad Dad, John Senior

Like father...

Like son...

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