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Todd Richards

Todd Richards is a legend, straight up. He’s a pioneer, a business owner, a ripping shredder, and he’s one of the gnarliest “would you rather” players in the game. Todd’s been toting board bags around the world as a pillar of the snowboarding community for going on two decades now, and it’s just as fun to him now as it was those twenty years ago. Looking back to his days as a wee lad, Todd claims that he was “destined for lamesness”. Thankfully time has since proved him wrong, as Todd is one of the best shredders and most un-lame people snowboarding has ever known. These days you can find Todd rolling heavily modified Audi’s around Encinitas in and out of the Omatic headquarters, tucking into the green room at the local Richard’s Reef, outshining kids on the Northstar jump line, and tucked away in his basement playing video games that his kids don’t even know dad has.
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