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Tumbling Sudiantara Posts Perfect 10 Point Ride to Win the Quiksilver Uluwatu Challenge




Locals. Legends. Good times and a better future. This is the Bali Eco Weekend. ⁣ ⁣


The event was created by Quiksilver in 2007 and has been held every year since. The concept is simple. Assemble a rad crew. Get some waves at Uluwatu. Have a fun comp, raise money and give it to local environmental charities. ⁣ ⁣


Here are the highlights from this year’s installment. It features Quik legends Jeff Hakman, Matt Hoy and Simon Anderson as well as some of the best Balinese talent around. ⁣ ⁣


We think the real star here — other than event champ Tumbling Sudiantara — is Ulu’s. Thanks for all the fun.


Simon Anderson



Dede Suryana



Jef Hakman & Simon Anderson



Matt Hoy






Jeff Hakman







Big Congrats Tumbling Sudiantara

It was an amazing Sunday with a spectacular finish at the Quiksilver Uluwatu Challenge, where 56 competitors including legends Matt Hoy, Simon Anderson, Jeff Hakman, Jim Banks, Wayan Gantiyasa, Made Switra, Ketut Menda, Made Lana and a host of other pros and punters surfed Bali’s most legendary lefthander in excellent 3-4 foot waves, all to raise awareness about the environmental challenges facing Bali. The Ulu Challenge is unique in that the public can pay a Rp1,000,000  ($70) entry fee to surf Uluwatu with only 5 other people including local and international legends, with the proceeds then being donated to local NGO, Eco Surf Rescue Uluwatu.  During the day Competitors, Uluwatu locals and the Eco Surf Rescue Uluwatu team also performed a beach clean-up where 156kg of plastic trash was removed from the cliff, reef and cave that all come together to make Uluwatu the iconic surf location it is. 

Following the beach clean-up, it was all about the action in the water and in the last heat of the day Uluwatu Boardrider, Tumbling Sudiantara, posted the event’s highest score of the day to take out the challenge.  Ryuki Waida had put himself solidly into the lead in Heat 7 of Round 1 with two excellent scores of an 8.17 and an 8.83 for a total of 17 points out of a possible 20. Ryuki looked to have a lock on the event win with the closest competitor needing an excellent score of 8.6 or better.  Ryuki was runner up last year and no doubt still smarting from being pipped at the post by Tipi Jabrik last year. But luck once again deserted the young ripper in Heat 7 of Round 2 where he was knocked out by Koki Hendrawan, who claimed a 9.70 ride for a chunky barrel that grinded through Racetracks.

Koki was already at the Edge, set to celebrate his victory when Tumbling Sudiantara used all of his local knowledge by first scoring a 9.53 and then the event’s only perfect 10 point wave in the final minutes of the last heat of the day to end the 2019 Uluwatu Challenge in a climactic finale. 

Tumbling was all smiles talking about his heat, saying “I was so happy on that second wave when I tucked in and then came out of the first barrel…then I saw the second section was opening so I pulled in again and came out….it just happened so quick! “Uluwatu is my home and we all need to continue to educate everyone in Uluwatu to respect the ocean by limiting their use of plastic and using the waste bins that have been provided at Uluwatu….We need Uluwatu to stay magical for the next generation,” he said.
Vaughan Blakey, guest commentator and editor of Surfing World was over the moon at being able to surf in the event and do some commentating as well. When asked what the highlight of the day was for him, he replied, “It was definitely the fact that in the last heat of the day, a guy that wasn’t even in the running could get a 9.5 and then follow it with a perfect 10 to win the whole thing…Uluwatu and Bali are such special places to the global surf community so it’s great that this event can promote a clean and green eco message that needs to be continually pushed in Indonesia.”

Legends Simon Anderson, Matt Hoy, and Jeff Hakman were all honored with return invitations. Hakman was stoked to take part again saying “Last year was my first time back to Uluwatu in 45 years and obviously it has changed a lot in that time, but I'm happy to see the local NGO’s, Quiksilver, and Uluwatu Boardriders Club working together to conserve Uluwatu for the future. This year, I was able to surf so it was so good to get out in the water and catch a few waves with everyone.”

Quiksilver’s Sammy Gosling summed up the day by saying, it is great to see the local and global surf community come together for this event to bring attention to the environmental challenges facing Bali.  We were stoked to work with Eco Surf Rescue Uluwatu and conduct a beach clean-up during the day so that we can continue to try and have a positive impact in securing Uluwatu for future generations. Globally, Quiksilver has turned more than 100 million recycled plastic bottles into boardshorts through our Repreve partnership and over the past 10 years Quiksilver has removed 34 million kilograms of trash from Bali’s beaches through its involvement in the Bali Beach Clean Up program, so it is great that we can continue to play our role to ensure we can make a positive impact on ensuring the mountains and waves are protected for future generations.