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Want to win a Maldives surf trip with Tom Carroll?

Frothing to surf after watching the action of the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast the past few days? Yep, so have we.

We’ve put together a pretty epic surf trip with Tom Carroll and our friends at Ocean Divine – and it’s up for grabs. You and a friend could win a week in the Maldives on board the 108-foot dream boat surfing eight breaks from Chicken and Cokes south to Foxy’s and Riptide.

For a week you’ll surf from dawn till dusk only to stopping to refuel with chef-prepared meals then hitting the water with Tom again.

After an epic 12-hour session, you’ll settle into a massage with the on-board masseuse, sink some beers and try to figure out who scored the wave of the day. Then you’ll do it all again. For another six days.


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