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Wetsuit Accessories

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Wetsuits Hoods, Boots & Gloves for Men

Where can you find all of the latest wetsuit gear and wetsuit accessories? Quiksilver. We are the industry experts when it comes to suiting you up properly for an epic surf session, and we have built our reputation on several years of pioneering new technologies and designs for wetsuit gear. Surfing is a sport of progression, and it deserves gear that can keep up with its evolving nature. Our collection of wetsuit gear and wetsuit accessories includes everything you need to complement and complete your Quiksilver wetsuit. Wetsuit accessories are often overlooked when thinking about what surfers should wear in the water, however, we understand the importance of keeping all parts of your body properly protected so your surfing skills can be on point. The proper wetsuit accessories can make a huge difference in your comfort levels while in the water, and comfort is key to being able to maximize your time spent surfing and minimize your time spent sulking. Quiksilver has all of the accessories and wetsuit gear you need, all you have to do is decide which ones work best for you.


There are a few key wetsuit accessories that all surfers should have in their wetsuit gear collection. Quiksilver has all of the cool wetsuit gear you could ever want, but one collection of neoprene accessories we always like to highlight is our collection of neoprene surf gloves. Wearing wetsuit gloves in cold water conditions is a great way to keep your blood circulating so frozen fingers don’t cause you to cut your surf session short. We have a variety of gloves to choose from in our full collection of neoprene surf accessories, among other accessories that will keep your surf outfit complete for colder conditions. It is often the case that cold water conditions call for the use of more surf accessories like, gloves or wetsuit hoods, than warmer water conditions, however there are a few wetsuit accessories that any surfer can benefit from regardless of water temperature. Regardless of your needs, Quiksilver’s collection of wetsuit gear has everything for you to choose from so you can get the pieces you need to put together your best outfit for surfing.


As we mentioned, there are some wetsuit accessories that are useful regardless of water conditions. Wetsuit boots are one of those accessories. While there is a common misconception that they are only useful to keep your feet warm in cold water, neoprene surf boots actually serve another purpose that is more widely applicable to surfers in all climates. Think about the last time your time in the water was minimized because you spent so much time carefully (and painfully) trying to navigate your way in and out of the water over a bed of rocks. Now, if you had a pair of our wetsuit boots, your problem would be solved and you could maximize your time spent surfing. It’s knowledge like this that has allowed us to create the best wetsuit accessories for years. Wetsuit accessories for surfing are an important part of any surfer’s wetsuit gear collection and we want to be able to provide you with the highest quality pieces you need to enhance your surfing experience.


Are you ready to step up your surfing skills? First things first, make your way to Quiksilver’s online store to browse our full collection of wetsuit gear so you can buy the gear and wetsuit accessories that are best for you. With so many options to choose from, you will have no trouble improving your collection of gear so you can stay properly protected in a wide variety of water conditions. Attention to detail has always been our strong suit, and that is exactly what wetsuit accessories are. If you’re not sure what to buy, and you have questions while you are shopping, start a conversation with our free customer service helpline via live chat, email, or phone, and get all the information you need to make the perfect purchase decisions.

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