Quiksilver x Aqua Lung Highline Airlift

First, a note on safety.

The Quiksilver Highline Airlift vest is designed for use by experienced adult surfers. Using it successfully requires strong swimming skills, ocean knowledge, collaboration with other surfers and lifeguards, and like the rest of your equipment — it must be cared for and used correctly. Proper use of the vest requires adherence to manufacturer’s instructions.

The Airlift vest is a safety tool, not a performance enhancer. Do not take greater risks while using this vest.

Game-changing innovation for a new generation of big wave surfing

Safety, re-imagined

A new generation of big wave riding demands a new generation of water safety. That’s where the Airlift vest comes in. A culmination of years worth of research and development, the neoprene vest utilizes carbon-dioxide cartridges to help bring the wearer to the surface in heavy hold-down situations. It’s an innovative product designed for innovative surfing at the world’s heaviest waves.


When we started developing the Airlift vest, we knew it would be best to partner up with a company that would match our devotion to the project. Aqua Lung is a global leader in scuba diving equipment — they were an easy choice for the partnership.

Jamie Mitchell
2017 Nazare Challenge Champion
Jamie Mitchell
2017 Nazare Challenge Champion
Tom Carroll
2x Surfing World Champion

Late nights. Early mornings. Countless hours and numerous tests. That’s what the Quiksilver Highline Airlift vest is made of — because you can’t afford to take chances on a product like this. Quiksilver’s big wave riders and Innovation Team spent two years collaborating with Aqua Lung engineers to make this idea come to life. Every last detail was considered, refined and innovated.

Our test team is the heart of this project. We’re extremely privileged to have had a group of individuals with peerless knowledge, talent and experience to draw from during the past two years of intensive testing.


We remind you that preparation doesn’t just mean stretching on the beach before you paddle out. It’s more than just checking the charts or getting all your gear in order during the days leading up to a swell. True preparation also means dedicating years of your life to surfing waves of consequence. But, once you’re ready for it, the AirLift vest is designed to create an extra layer of safety for committed big wave surfers.

For Any Wave, Anywhere

The Airlift vest is made with Quiksilver’s best neoprene and can be worn over the top of a wetsuit, or as a standalone vest. That means you stay safer at any wave, anywhere, regardless of the water temp.

Peter Mel
Big Wave World Tour Champion
4 Inflation pull tabs, 1 Deflation pull tab
The Airlift vest features four separate inflation tabs in considered locations on the chest for the ease of inflation in the hardest of times. A deflation tab is located away from the inflation tabs to reduce the risk of an accidental inflation or deflation.

Instruction manual

Every function. Every feature. Watch the instructional video hosted by Pete Mel, download the instruction manual or scroll over the vest below to see all the technology we put into the Airlift.

Oral inflate/deflate tube

Oral inflate/deflate tube

Oral inflate valve is available for partial inflation and conserving CO2 cartridges for emergency use.

4x inflate pull tabs

4x inflate pull tabs

In a heavy hold down situation or as desired, inflate the vest by pulling any of the four inflation tabs connected to a full CO2 canister. Help surfer to reach the surface faster and with less effort. Inflate pull tabs are located in a separate location from the deflate pull tab to eliminate accidental inflation or deflation

Torso straps

Torso straps

Built-in lower midsection torso strap secures the inflation vest to the surfer.

Deflate pull tab

Deflate pull tab

To emergency deflate the vest. Improve safety when it is safer to go deep under the wave.

4 x CO2 Cartridges

4 x CO2 Cartridges

The vest holds 4 CO2. 1 Cartridge is enough to fill the bladder. For safety reasons, we strongly recommend that you never use your AirLift vest with only one cartridge left.

Overpressure Valve – Aqua Lung’s Proprietary

Overpressure Valve – Aqua Lung’s Proprietary

The Dump Valve automatically releases the excess CO2 from the bladder.

Back pocket cartridges access

Back pocket cartridges access

Swap in fresh CO2 cartridges without removing the vest.


Looking for an authorized Quiksilver Highline Airlift vest dealer? Here is the official list where to buy the vest.

Shop List

    ST JEAN DE LUZ, 64500 (FRANCE)
    +33 5 59 51 44 00

    + 33 5 58 41 08 97

    Avenida de Saõ Sebastião ,36A
    ERICEIRA, 2655-319 (PORTUGAL)
    Tel. +351 261 867 046

    66-250 Kamehameha Hwy
    Haleiwa, HI 96712
    +1 808-637-5026
  • Hi Tech Maui

    425 Koloa St #107
    Kahului, HI 96732
    +1 808-877-2111
  • HIC Kailua

    354 Hahani Street
    Kailua, HI 96734
    +1 808-266-6730
  • Hanalei BRC

    5-5088 Kuhio HWY
    Hanalei, HI 96714
    +1 808-826-5594
  • Quiksilver Beachwalk

    2181 Kalakaua Avenue
    Honolulu, HI 96815
    +1 808-921-2793
    (product showcase)
  • Santa Cruz Freeline Surf Shop

    821 41st Avenue
    Santa Cruz, CA 95062
    +1 831-476-2950
  • Malibu BRD (2018)

    18820 Pacific Coast Hwy
    Malibu, CA 90265
    opening: 2018

    1/61 Surf Coast Hwy
    Torquay VIC 3228
    (03) 5261 7544

    28/72 Marine Parade
    Coolangatta QLD 4225
    (07) 5599 5551

    203 Central Coast Hwy
    Erina NSW 2250
    (02) 4365 5511

    20 Mandurah Terrace
    Mandurah WA 6210
    (08) 9535 4500


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